Swords and Strategy Fencing Club
For fun!  For fitness!  For Glory!

Sabre vs Bayonet - Harper's Weekly, 1874

Sabre vs


Route 30 (#4755) & Maple Ave (just north of KeyBank)

Next to the Town n Country Deli

Amsterdam , New York

Open Fencing and Training,

We are meeting on THURSDAYS and other times TBA for now.

7 - 8 PM.

We will stay open later to accommodate ongoing fencing.

New fencers just need shoes they can move in
and clothes that covers their legs - we have
all of the special equipment, no charge.


 Upcoming events (hopefully soon) -

Ridgefield, CT, Sun Mar 21, 10.

Port Washington, NY (Long Island), Sun Apr 11, 9.



Ongoing Members
(Must be USFA members)

Visitors per Session

Individual Nightly $ 5.00 First Visit No Charge
Individual Monthly $ 40.00 Non-USFA Members $10.00
Individual Yearly $ 400.00 USFA Members $5.00

"Family" Monthly

$ 60.00 Coaches No Charge

"Family" Yearly

FMCC Students No Charge FMCC Students No Charge

CONTACT Coach Mike McDarby

RESULTS -  Full List

RPI Troy, Feb 22.

S&S Home, Nov 9.

RPI Troy, Oct 20.

Burlington, VT, Sep 28.

JO Qualifier, Poughkeepsie, Sep 22.

S&S Sep 14.

Summer Nationals (Columbus) - Vet60, Div3.

Ticonderoga, May 25.

S&S - Apr 20.

Summer National Div2 Qualifier, Mar 24.

S&S  Feb 16.

RPI Troy Dec 1.

Parsippany NJ Div2 ROC, Oct 20.

Poughkeepsie Veterans, Aug 5.

Summer Nationals - Div 1A,  Div 2,  Div 3.

Milton NY June 23.

Pomme de Terre Boston June 16.

Bridgewater NJ, June 3.

Ticonderoga, May 26.

NAC Division 2, Richmond, (lost to silver medalist)

NAC Division 3, Richmond (lost to gold medalist)

RPI, Troy, Sun Apr 8.

Portland, Maine, Apr 7.

Rochester, Mar 25.

Choco Cup, Medeo NJ, Mar 18.

Middlebury, VT, Mar 11.

Choco Therapy, Columbia MD, Feb 12.

Jersey City ROC, Feb 3.

Middlebury, VT Jan 20.

Parsippany ROC, Dec 30.

Fairfax ROC, Dec 16.

RPI Troy, Dec 2.

Swords & Strategy Open, Nov 18.

Suffern ROC D1A, D2, Nov 4 & 5.

Amsterdam, Oct 14.

Burlington VT, Sep 30.

Poughkeepsie, Aug 6.

2017 Summer Nationals, Salt Lake City Div 2, Div 3.

Pomme de Terre, Waltham, MA - June 17.

Earlier Results.

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